September 2009

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Wide open spaces make me happy.  One of my favorite things to do is to take the kids, and the pups to the dog park on a beautiful day.  Our dog parks are preserved forests, prairies, and wetlands just loaded with scenic beauty.  There are special “off leash” areas for dogs if you purchase a permit, which of course we always do.  As you may already know, we have 2 dachshunds (a short and long haired) that we are madly in love with.  We take them as often as we can.

I have to say that 99% of the time I have found my two dogs are the SMALLEST hanging out and I do get a bit frightened that they will be attacked by a bigger dog.  It has only happened once and it’s been hard for me to go back but I’m always glad we went.  I love it when people keep an eye on their dogs, it makes the trip so much more enjoyable.  Here are a few pics:  Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see a larger view of the picture.  To get back tot his page, hit the "back button" on your browser.

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger picture, be sure to hit the "BACK" button on your browser to get back to this page, ~Thank you :)

This is one of my very good friends Julia.  She and her 3 girls; Luna, Nina, and Mya joined Alexis and I at the dog park.  We crossed this pond.  I just walked across w/ my shoes on.  But everyone else took their shoes off- yuck!


Watching Julia cross the pond was soooo worth the trip.  Look at her face here.  Just hearing her laugh made it more fun!

Ok, so now what? 


DOH!  Whoah!

This is why I kept my shoes on.  Yes, they were making a sloshing noise, but my feet were not encrusted with wet mud.  They liked it though!  ... and I'm all, "Hey, whatever floats your boat!"

Me and my baby girl.  ...and her bro; Cozmo!

The reason for our trip!

These are Julia's piggies.

Luna, Nina, and Lexi - with Bella and Cozmo!

The girls again, with Mya too!

4 gorgeous girls!



Isn't she precious?

She loved digging her little feet into the mud!  This picture makes me LAUGH!

Nina, Julia, and Luna



Nina, Julia, Mya, and Luna

Just a view

Beautiful Nina, trying to get her socks and shoes back on.


Alexis with the pupalicious'isssss'sss

The girls.

The End.


Sept. 2009 - Just Anne & Alexis with the wonder pups!

Alexis, Cozmo & Bella

It's so fun for us to see them run free and have fun.


Saying hello to a much larger fella.


with Cozmo and Bella in the water.

Bella & Cozmo

Our sweet little babies.


This is the first time the pups freely ran through the water. I guess they needed Alexis to make the first move.


This is only 1 of many lakes at this particular preserve.


Paths and trails at every turn, each a new adventure.


Must introduce themselves.


Hello there!


Venturing out because the bigger dogs were swimming.

Last but not least.

This is us on our way out. Can you tell what a gorgeous day it was?